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Agenda – 2nd YOUTHShare Stakeholders Event

Academics. researchers, social entrepreneurs and a representative of the Social Economy Registry (Greece) will be talking tomorrow about the resilience of the Social Economy and its role in youth employment! Tune in at 16.30 CET/ 17.30 EET! ...


Invitation – 2nd YOUTHShare Stakeholders Event

Save the date 31.3.21. This the day we debate about how Resilient Social Economy is! How social enterprises cope with a pandemic? What skills are needed by them? Is social entrepreneurship a solution for integrating youth into the labour market? Where? on ZOOM with a limited number of registered...


The NEETs in MED EEA Area and the YOUTHShare project

[video width="1280" height="720" mp4=""][/video]   Who are the NEETs and what problems do they face? What is the state of the NEETs phenomenon in MED EEA? Which responses are available in Southern Europe? What is the YOUTHShare project and what does it do?   Visit  and learn more for the project : LinkedIn ResearchGate YouTube...