DAKM (Diktyo Apasholisis kai Koinonikis Merimnas) is a non profit organization that provides counseling and other services, mainly to vulnerable groups and people experiencing difficulties entering the labor market. Since 2011 DAKM delivers vocational guidance and counseling aiming at the professional development of the individuals, whether it concerns  pathways towards training, education or job.

Our specialized staff  has a long track record of experience in implementing and/or coordinating support actions towards vulnerable social groups, but also young entrepreneurs, start-uppers, employers and professionals. DAKM employees are  graduates and postgraduates in disciplines and fields ranging from social sciences to Informatics and Programming. Moreover, DAKM cooperates with a large number of consultants , researchers, psychologists, sociologists, social workers in the framework of national and European co-funded projects. It also seeks to collaborate with Research Centers, Universities, Social Partners, Local Authorities, in Greece and abroad.

DAKM is proud for bringing together Counseling with New Technologies. Its flagship is the digital system of psychometric tools which assess a variety of factors directly related to the vocational profile of the individual. Vocational profiling tests of DAKM have been applied in national and EU co-funded projects, such as the Training Voucher “Entry into the labour market for unemployed young people up to 29 years of age in the tourism sector” (OP Human Resources Development, Education and Lifelong Learning 2014-2020 and Youth Employment Initiative)