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The Network for Employment & Social Care [DAKM] was founded at 2011 as a non profit organisation which offers counseling and supporting services.

Aims & Objectives

DAKM aims at the provision of high quality counseling services to its target-groups.

Career Counselling

Career Counselling constitutes a multilevel intervention aiming at supporting the individuals in their attempt to cope with the difficulties related to their professional choices.

Best Practise Guides

– Social Entrepreneurship Guide

– Survey on best practices in Greece and the EU concerning female migrants and employment

– Psychometrics and Counselling


– Trade Unions and Youth (pptx)

– Social Economy

Studies / Surveys

– A Balancing Act at Times of Austerity: Matching the Supply and Demand for Skills in the Greek Labour Market (pdf)

– Working conditions of young entrants to the labour market (pdf)

– Youth on the move

– Employment: 17 Member States have submitted Youth Guarantee Implementation Plans (pdf)